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If your website, social media or online advertising investment isn't delivering what you expected, what can you do about it? We research and analyse the potential for your online business or product(s), compare your returns against the what is expected for the business type, analyse the competition, develop and agree a plan of action to ensure that your internet presence is a valuable asset to your business.
You can do as much or as little as your precious time allows, we'll do the rest.

Website/Social Media Audit

It's easy to spend alot of time/money on an internet presence, and find that the return is far less than anticipated - That's where we come in, we'll send you a questionnaire to determine your investment/expectations, conduct research to determine the online marketsize for your business, realistic returns, competition, effectiveness of your existing internet presence. Then develop a plan  to turn your internet investment into a valuable asset.

Technical Website Audit

Technical website audits consider  speed, conformance to standards, content/structural analysis, ease of use, search engine/mobile friendliness, competition and ranking. The report contains an in-depth analysis of the website and recommendations to improve speed, standards conformance, content, ease of use, mobile friendliness, and ranking.
The process can usually be performed in 1-2 days - but can take longer for large websites.

Website Performance Tuning

Slow websites not only impact your google ranking, but drive away potential customers. Search engines "like"  web pages to load in under two seconds. Web pages lose 50% of visitors, if it takes longer than 4 seconds to load. Website optimisation may just be a case of changing hosting, or more complex for poorly written or constructed websites. We'll develop a plan with detailed costed recommendations usually within 2-3 working days.

Landing Page Optimisation

Landing pages are optimised for a particular keyword/phrase or product. Their sole purpose is  to convert a visitor into a customer - or at the very least click a call to action. We'll analyse or build your landing pages against the latest conversion techniques, where appropriate make recommendations to ensure your landing page has the structure, content and features to optimise your conversion ratio, and optionally monitor ongoing performance.

Hosting Platforms for Joomla

Our engineers researched and performance tested cloud servers, installed the most efficient operating system, webserver, and database management system, added in and optimised accelerators, and tuned them to run Joomla incredibly quickly. All our servrers automatically backup,  update Joomla and all your extensions. Our standard package will support most requirements, but if you have specific requirements we can build a bespoke solution for you.

Website Platforms For Wordpress

We researched and extensively tested cloud based servers with the economics in mind. We loaded the most efficient operating system, then added in the fastest webserver, and database management systems. Then we tuned them to run Wordpress incredibly fast, added acceleration software,  and then  added tools to automatically update Wordpress and all your plugins.  If you have requirements which exceed our standard offerings, we can build a bespoke package for you.

Lead Generation

A well put together Google adwords campaign, can really put a business on a firm footing; but there are alternatives that can for some businesses be much  more effective. We can advise on how to optimise your adwords campaign, or suggest alternatives which may be produce a better return on your online advertising investment. We have experience in producing targetted adverts in  traditional media (radio, newspapers, and magazines).

Search Engine Optimisation

We monitor and optimise your ranking, and send you a weekly report on how your website is performing vs the competition. We analyse the strategies used by the top ranked competition to obtain a top ranking, and combine them into a series of tasks and milestones which you can do yourself or get us to undertake on your behalf.

Why Choose Us !


Our people have been developing internet applications, since 1993. so we have extensive knowledge of how the internet works.


One of our partners was the architect of the first website in the world to sell insurance online in 1997.


We designed and project managed the first intranet to be developed for a shopping mall in 1999. 430 retail shops were connected to form the mall community.

Performance Testing

When one of the World's largest insurance brokers wanted to know if an application was scaleable, they came to us to provide performance data qualification.


We've used our experience building a platform for Down Syndrome Dublin to build a generic platform for charities containing all the functionality a charity needs. When it came to building a platform to teach children with an intellectual disability to sign, they came to us.


Our experts will always tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear; what's more we will always back up our claims with evidence.

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We built SP Page Builder to make it independent of the Joomla! template you’re currently using, regardless of whether you are dealing custom, free or commercial template.

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